Pathway to Enrollment

Admission Requirements:

Prospective Students must be sponsored through their Company.

Students are not considered enrolled until all components of the “How To Enroll” are met.

How to Enroll:

Fill Out the Contact Us Form.

Tell us a little about your company by submitting the Contact Us form.

We Contact You

After you submit your inquiry, an HVAC Hybrid coordinator will contact you and answer any questions you have. They will also assist you in the enrollment process.

Complete Paperwork

When your company decides to enroll an employee in the program, the School will create and send your company a HVAC Hybrid Enrollment Agreement for signature. To download and review a sample contract, click here.

Print and sign two copies of the HVAC Hybrid Enrollment Agreement. Return both copies to American Trade School by scanning and e-mailing to [email protected], or mail them to:

American Trade School

3925 Industrial Drive

Saint Ann, MO 63074

The School will sign and return one HVAC Hybrid Enrollment Agreement for your company's records.

Prepare to Start

The School will reach out to the employee/student and welcome them to the ATS Hybrid program after the financial obligation is satisfied (payment of tuition and fees).


Space is limited and offered on a first come first serve basis.

Enrollment Deadline is 9/13/2019 for the 10/4/2019 start.

Enrollment Deadline is 12/20/2019 for the 1/10/2020 start.

Enrollment Deadline is 3/12/2020 for the 4/2/2020 start.

Enrollment Deadline is 6/18/2020 for the 7/9/2020 start.

For a more detailed overview of the program, click here.